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It’s been one of those rare weeks in work where everything seems to tick over quite nicely. Nothing major has broken, nobody has complained about anything significant, the team are on top of the workload and we’ve even had time to start planning ahead for the summer upgrade programme.

In fact, things have been pretty good since Friday 13th. I’m not superstitious but that was the kind of day you just don’t need:

  • Firstly, I messed up whilst editing the login script at about 8am. I blame this on the strong painkillers I was taking after twisting my ankle earlier in the week. A straightforward cut-n-paste operation went a bit wrong… well, the cut bit went OK but the paste bit didn’t happen at all. So about a hundred lines of VBScript went missing, resulting in no networked printing facilities for while. 😳
  • No problem, we’ll just restore the script from last night’s backup. It’s only a 10K file, shouldn’t take more than a few seconds, should it? Two hours later, having restored a full 8Gb domain state backup onto a spare machine, the file was finally recovered. 😕
  • We still experienced intermittent problems throughout the day and finally, after about 6 hours of head-scratching, we discovered that a “spare” DHCP server/domain controller had been plugged into the live network. 👿

It’s been quite amusing working with the Estates department again this week. There are numerous building projects taking place on campus over the next couple of months, many of which will require extra data and comms. But it seems that the people who are based in the locations where the work will be carried out haven’t been consulted or informed, so there have been a few surprised/annoyed reactions when I’ve visited the site with comms contractors. 😯

A couple of years ago there was a simple, effective system in place for planning and organising these sort of works but, following the appointment of a new Project manager, the process seems to have gone backwards. I’m sure it will all work out well eventually, but it’s nice to see people who, having ignored your views and claimed to know best, are now learning things the hard way. It’s just a shame that other people have to be inconvenienced along the way.

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