Champions League build up

It’s the Champions League Final today — kick off is in a little over 14 hours, at 4:45am here in Melbourne. |-)

I’ve got the house to myself while Sara and Charlotte are overseas, so I’m having a United day today. I’ll be watching the Treble season DVD, the Road To Moscow DVD and as many previews and TV build-up programmes as I can download (like the excellent YouTube clip, above). I might even have a silly online bet or two. \:d/

It feels like FA Cup Final day used to be when you were a kid, long before the days of Sky. I just hope the real United turns up this time, unlike the last time we met Barcelona. ~X(

I’d better pop to the shops and make sure I’ve got enough supplies to keep me going. ~o)

Edit: Barcelona 3-1 Manchester United. It looked promising for the first ten minutes, then Barca showed their class. That was one of the best performances I’ve ever seen from any team, we were completely outplayed. No complaints, there’s a reason they’ve won it three times in the last five years. Ah well, we still got title number 19 this year and there’s the massive Charity Shield to look forward to in 10 weeks. =d>