Work Stuff

Considering that yesterday was the start of the new Academic year and over 3000 users have already hit the network, things are remarkably quiet at work. Too quiet, perhaps.

Current issues are:

  • There’s a post-SP2 problem with OWLS, the College’s Virtual Learning Environment, but that’s down to the removal of the Microsoft Java VM. The VLE functions, of a fashion, with the Sun VM, but one or two key aspects don’t work as they should. We await technical support from the vendor.
  • I’ve just been told that our rollout of Dreamweaver 2004 MX isn’t 100% perfect. A certain feature is no longer available but there’s an update/fix from Macromedia to reinstate it. I don’t expect this one to cause any difficulties, once we know exactly what we’re looking for, but we might need to repackage the .msi. How nice it would be if the lecturers would spend a few days testing new software packages before the new term commences.
  • The print server is a little poorly and we’re having to reboot it every few days. We plan to install a replacement server and migrate the 130+ printers (mainly JetDirects) over during the next few days. The only potential difficulty is that the printer billing software is tied to a specific NETBIOS name, so we’ll have to retire the old server and rename the new one before re-installing that. We’ll have to time this replacement carefully to avoid losing any of the month’s billing information, but the work itself is relatively straightforward.

But all in all it’s been surprisingly quiet week so far. 🙂