Charlotte, age 6+ months

As promised, I’ve put together another short movie of Charlotte. 😡

Looking back at some of these clips, taken back in October, it makes me realise how quickly she changes. We really need to make sure we take as much footage as possible, as there’ll never be another chance if we miss these moments.

Just as Charlotte gets her first tooth, I lose my first one. After putting it off for over a month, I finally went to the dentist on Friday to have a troublesome crown looked at. Unfortunately it was beyond repair; it had to be extracted and it didn’t come out easily, so I’m feeling sorry for myself at the moment. :((

I have to wait for the gum to fully heal, which can take up to twelve weeks, before deciding what to do about the gap. It’s a rear molar so isn’t too noticeable, but it feels weird. I’m considering having a dental implant but, at around $4,000 per tooth, it’s a bit pricey. 😮

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