Bernard Righton

I’ve got three days off work to compensate for working 30+ hours last weekend. I intend to laze around, doing as little as possible.

Today I’ve tidied up the house, played computer games and caught up with the internet.

I’ve just downloaded bought the new Happy Mondays CD, Uncle Dysfunktional. It’s pretty good actually, hard to believe it’s about 15 years since their last album. I’ve also listened to John Shuttleworth’s Yamaha Years, which made me chuckle.

I’ve just learned that Bernard Manning has died. Half of me thinks “Good riddance, you fat, bitter racist” but I have to admit that he did make me laugh occasionally. He was a proper stand-up comic, with great timing and enough material to insult anyone, from any background. He raised a lot of money for charity too, apparently.

I never managed a visit to the “World Famous Embassy Club” in Harpurhey, but I enjoyed the re-runs of “The Comedians” and “The Wheeltappers & Shunters” over the years.

Edit: Oh, I once saw him at that garden centre near the Norton Grange hotel in Castleton a few years ago. He was buying a Christmas tree, trying to shove it in the back of his Rolls Royce. With hindsight I could’ve helped him, but it was very funny watching him struggle.

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