Sparkling Shiraz!

Yesterday, whilst looking for a nice bottle of white wine in the fridges at Dan Murphy’s, I noticed they had a section for “Chilled Reds”. :-\

Now I’m quite partial to a glass or three of red, especially with half-decent labels such as Wolf Blass, Penfolds, Hardys and Brown Brothers costing only £2.50-£4.00 per bottle out here. But chilled… and even sparkling reds? Hmm. I had to give this a try. :-??

Apparently Aussies enjoy the odd drop of sparkling red, so there was plenty of choice. Not knowing a good one from a bad one, I plumped for a bottle of Seppelt’s Sparkling Shiraz.

It was different, to say the least. First impressions are that it’s a bit like alcoholic fizzy vimto, but after the initial shock it’s not at all bad. I imagine it would be nice at a barbecue on a hot day. It went down a little too quickly though. @-) ~o)

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