Sara’s going to Boot Camp

When we first arrived in Australia we decided it was time to start living a bit more healthily. We didn’t go as far as dieting or joining a gym; but we ate good fresh food, we drank less, we went swimming a couple of times per week and walking virtually every day. We thoroughly enjoyed it and felt a lot better. Unfortunately since we started work we’ve started to slip back into our old ways. 🙁

Lunchtimes are a problem for me because there’s almost nothing near my workplace so we usually jump in the car and drive to Scoresby or Knox City, where there are at least 30 or 40 different places to eat. I do try to choose the healthy option, honest, but if someone says “let’s go to the Irish Bar for a pot and a parma” then my good intentions go out of the window. [-x

It’s even more difficult when I’m working away in Sydney — it’s no fun being stuck in a hotel room, so I invariably go out for a beer or five, every night I’m there. I’m really going to have to make more of an effort. :-@

We’ve tried to carry on with the swimming and walking in the evenings but, because I often have to work late, Sara is left waiting for me to come home. So, when the above flyer came through our letterbox last week, she decided to enrol in this “Fitness Boot Camp” which runs two evenings per week on the sports field at the end of our street. She’s asked me to blog it so that she can’t back out of it. =d>

I’m not sure I like the idea of her getting a free pair of boxing gloves though. b-(

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