Another Weekend, Another Barbecue

This weekend we all drove down to Johanne’s mum’s sister’s house for a barbecue. \:d/

Marlene lives in a place called Maryknoll, which is about 60kms south-east of us, in rural Gippsland. It’s quite an adventure getting from the main road to their house in Sara’s little car because you have to go along a hilly, unsealed gravel track for about 4kms. We made it OK but you definitely need a 4×4 if you’re going to live somewhere like this. #:-s

The place is absolutely stunning though, with breathtaking panoramic views on all sides, paddocks where they keep alpacas (like small llamas), and wild deer and emus roam the neighbouring fields. :d

(Their house is currently up for sale, see this website, but the photos don’t do it justice at all — it’s a magnificent property.)

Marlene’s husband, Murray, took charge of the barbecue duties in their huge barn/shed. We brought along kangaroo fillet and lamb steaks, which I’d cut into cubes and shoved on skewers. It seemed to go down quite well because, surprisingly, not many people at the barbecue had tried kangaroo before. 😕

Not wanting to risk navigating the unsealed roads after dark, we left quite early and headed back home to try to watch the United vs Fulham game, a fairly civilised 10:30pm kick-off over here. (:|

After a lot of messing about, I eventually managed to find a decent quality Chinese ESPN streaming broadcast (with Sky commentary in English). It seemed odd not being at Old Trafford and, for once, I even managed to correctly predict the final score… I wonder if the lads back home had a bet? 😉

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