First Leaving Do

I took Friday off work to go on my first leaving do: an “all dayer” in Manchester with Rob, Stu and Phil. :d

We took the train and then spent the afternoon/evening working our way along the Printworks » St Anne’s Square » Deansgate » Bridgewater Street » Peter Street » Cross St circuit, as well as visiting a few old favourites such as the Marble Arch Inn and the Temple.

The weather wasn’t the best for a Friday afternoon pub crawl, but we had a good old chinwag and some great beer in fantastic pubs. Time really seemed to fly and, before I knew it, we had to catch the last train back to Oldham. :-s

Sara tells me I was quite drunk when I got in but, with so much DIY to do on Saturday, I couldn’t afford to have a hangover. Surprisingly enough, I managed to avoid any adverse effects by taking four aspirin and two litres of fizzy water before I went to bed – I’ll have to remember that one. :p

It’s really weird to think it might be years before we get another chance to have a few beers together, if at all. :((

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