Non-Stop DIY

It’s been non-stop DIY since returning from Rome:

  • We have painted the entire house, inside and out.
  • Despite the poor weather, I finally managed to stain the upstairs window frames and gloss the stonework lintels.
  • All the carpets have been ripped out and new, plain ones have been fitted throughout. It looks really nice and modern now.
  • New vinyl flooring has also gone in the bathroom.
  • All the skirting boards have been cleaned and, where necessary, varnished and refitted properly. This took absolutely ages, due to having to remove paint speckles from last time we decorated.
  • Replaced the trim around the kitchen worktops with new decorative beading.
  • I’ve built and fitted a new bath panel and surround. I’m actually really pleased with this job – I’m not normally the handiest of people but the finished product looks superb.
  • Replaced curtains and fitted new blinds.
  • Fitted a guard over the central heating flue in preparation for the British Gas safety check*.
  • The back garden has been cleared of rubbish and the patio has been scrubbed.
  • I’ve cleared out the gutters and attempted to fix the leaks.
  • All the boxes of stuff that I planned to Ebay have gone to friends, charity shops or the tip. The loft has also been cleared.

There are still a handful of outstanding jobs but we’ve done as much as we can for now. We’ll get back on to it at weekend.

Trying to get everything finished in such a short period of time has been really tough, but it had to be done in order to maximise the rental potential. Sara and I have been absolutely knackered for the last fortnight but the place looks great now. #:-s

Tomorrow afternoon we’ve got an estate agent coming round to give us a rental valuation, so we’ll find out whether it’s been worth all the effort. $-)