Half Term

It’s Half Term at college, so we’ve got a chance to carry out some important maintenance work while most of the users are away:

  • We had a new wireless bridge installed between the Tower Block and our construction centre on Manchester Road, about 1.1km away as the crow flies. Unlike our previous attempts with off-the-shelf equipment, the new link uses the less popular 802.11a frequency and delivers a rock-solid 54Mbps connection. b-)
  • With the new link in place, we were able to provide several extra networked machines for staff and students at the construction centre. Obviously it was necessary to go through a few rounds of bickering before everyone could agree where the PCs would be situated, but we got there in the end and everyone seems happy for now.
  • Back at the main campus, we upgraded the network from Windows 2000 to Windows 2003. Having practiced the procedure several times in a test lab over the past few weeks, everything went very smoothly and nobody really noticed anything was happening. :-ss
  • Three new high-spec domain controllers were introduced and the three old ones retired from service. Almost immediately we suffered a hard drive failure but, thanks to RAID, we handled it without any drama. #:-s
  • Half terms often seem to be the time for “empire building” when people ask for extra equipment without considering whether they have enough to do the job already. Today’s request was to add a 23rd PC in an office where, according to my usage stats, 15 PCs would be more than adequate. But nobody likes to be told that 6 or 7 of their staff aren’t really using their equipment effectively so I’m sure this request will run for a little while longer. [-(