USB Freeview Gizmo

Freecom USB DVB-T

A few weeks ago I bought one of these things.

It’s basically a tiny freeview box which allows you watch Digital TV on a PC or laptop. I bought it so I could have Sky Sports News on in the background while I’m working or messing about the PC at home. Even though we don’t officially live in an area where you can get Freeview, I can still pick up over 40 channels with an indoor antenna. :d

The software that Freecom provide is pretty poor but I found that several other manufacturers sell exactly the same gadget bundled with their own software, so I’ve downloaded some different drivers which are much better.

In fact, the “Yakumo” drives that I’m using are “BDA” compatible which means I can even set up this gadget as a PVR using Windows XP Media Centre Edition or MythTV. I tried a few different packages before settling on the excellent GB-PVR.

Not bad at all for £32 and it will even continue to work when we get to Australia. :”>

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