Prague, Day 1

Prague is, without a doubt, the most beautiful city I’ve ever visited. Every single building in the Old Town is like something from a fairytale. It’s also the cheapest place I’ve been to in Europe – we changed £100 at the airport and didn’t come close to spending it during the three days we were there. 😛

Public transport in Prague is perfect: clean, reliable and cheap/free. You buy tickets from vending machines at the stations. A 12 Crown ticket (about 25 pence) gets you 60 minutes of travel by metro, bus or tram – you can get on or off as many times as you like. We took the bus from Ruzhny airport to Djevica metro station, got on a tube to Mustec station and then changed to another tube to Andel, the district where we were staying.

Our cheapo accommodation, the three star Hotel Berlin, was supposedly “right next to” Andel metro station on a street called Staropramenna. We therefore didn’t buy a street map initially. As we wandered around, we kept seeing shops, restaurants and bars saying Staropramen on them so we figured we were in the right place. It took us a while to realise that Staropramen is the name of a Czech brewery which all the bars were advertising! When we stumbled upon the hotel after about 15 minutes, it was indeed right next door to the Staropramen brewery.

After checking in, we decided to have a potter around Andel on the first evening. We walked up to the riverside but, deciding not to cross over to the old town on the first night, opted to stay local instead. We called in a few bars (I was secretly trying to spot a place which would be showing the United game on Tuesday evening) and had a few pints of the famous Czech pilsners. After about an hour’s drinking, our bill came to 68 Crowns – about £1.30! 😎

Getting a bit hungry, we checked out a few eateries and settled for a trendy-looking Mexican restaurant near the Metro station. It was very good, although with hindsight I wouldn’t have chosen the spicy Beef Carpaccio starter – not one of my brightest moves. The meal was excellent and the bill, including drinks, came to 550 Crowns – £11. 😎

With a busy day planned for tomorrow, we headed back to the Hotel via a couple of bars and turned in early.