Off to Prague

We’re off to Prague tomorrow for a short city break. 😎

Another cheap-n-cheerful one. This time the flights cost just £4.40 + tax each, leaving from Manchester at sensible times too. I thought the £7 tickets from Liverpool to Nice a couple of years ago were a bargain, but we’ve come up trumps here.

I’ve been looking forward to this for months, as we haven’t had a proper holiday this year. Unfortunately I seem to have caught the cold that’s been going around at work this week and it’s absolutely floored me. I’m bunged up and exhausted. 😥

This always happens to me after working hard for months on end – as soon as I stop work, I get ill. It was the same last year when we went to Rhodes. At least I won’t be paying Hilton prices for my “medicine” this time. 😉

Pictures to follow.