Bonfire Night & Lynda’s 40th

Doesn’t time fly? It hardly seems a year ago since I last wrote about Bonfire Night. 😯

We went up to the King’s Arms again this year and although it wasn’t the spectacular musical event that Steve laid on last year, it was still a superb display. The weather was appalling, stinging rain and freezing cold wind – my pint glass nearly stuck to my hand as we stood on the car park. 🙄

After a quick warm-up back in the pub we hopped in a taxi down into Shaw for the other event taking place tonight, Lynda’s 40th Birthday bash, which was being held at the Cartshaft Club. It was nice to see Rob & Lynda, Max & Diane, Stu, Phil and everyone again but I’ve got to say the resident DJ was absolutely shocking! 😕

We had to wait ages for a taxi afterwards – apparently most of the Asian taxi drivers weren’t working last night because they were celebrating Eid. 👿