Half Term

It’s half term at work this week, nice and quiet. Everything is ticking over nicely so I’ve booked a few days off:

  • Today I have finally finished sanding and re-varnishing the downstairs window frames and front door. I’ve also undercoated and glossed the window sills and the back drainpipe. There won’t be many more nice days this year so I had to take advantage of the weather and try to do everything today. I’m absolutely knackered now. I’m now going to treat myself to a takeaway curry and a bottle of wine. 🙂
  • Tomorrow lunchtime I’m meeting Dunk in Manchester for a few beers. Apparently we’re going to explore the “Northern Quarter” this time, so I haven’t a clue what’s in store. Looking forward to it though, shame Paul and Adrian couldn’t make it. 🙄
  • On Saturday evening we’re off to the Clayton Green in Oldham to meet up with a bunch of other people who are in the process of moving to Australia. With a bit of luck we’ll find someone who might want to share a container when shipping over their furniture and stuff. If it’s crap we’ll probably just find somewhere that’s showing the United game. 😐
  • Sunday shall be a day of rest. I have no plans except a Full English breakfast and watching several episodes of “24” on DVD. We didn’t watch this when it was on telly, but we’ve watched the first two series over the past couple of weeks. Very good it is too. 😎
  • On Monday we’ll be going to the funeral of Sara’s auntie Mary who sadly died last week.

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