Jon’s Leaving Do

Yesterday was Jon’s last day so we all went out for a few drinks in Oldham. We started with lunch in the Budda Bar and didn’t move from there until they turned the music up so loud that we couldn’t talk. I can’t remember where we went after that but I know we ended up in the Litten Tree eventually.

Feeling a bit worse for wear after drinking for about seven or eight hours, we grabbed a takeaway kebab and jumped in a taxi – one of those with the annoying Driva-Gard cages which makes you feel like a criminal – and headed home at about 11pm, just as Oldham was “livening up”.

I’ve got a bad head this morning but I reckon my San Miguel hangover is nothing compared to NickB’s: he managed mejitos, a whole bottle of white wine and several apple martinis before we left Budda’s. 😯