Manchester United 1 – 2 Blackburn Rovers

Have you ever turned up at an event and realised you’ve left your ticket at home? 😕

That’s what happened to Pete today. It was his turn to drive so he picked me up at about quarter past one and we made our way to the ground as usual, parking up with about an hour to spare before kick off. As we crossed over the road to White City, Pete began checking his pockets and patting his jacket. I knew what he was going to say before he said it. 😡

We went through the options: he could drive back home and return with it, probably catching the last half hour of the game; we could go down to the ground and try to buy a spare from a tout; he could listen to it on the car radio or try watch it in a nearby pub.

On the journey down we had both been saying how we weren’t really looking forward to today’s game at all, fed up with “Sir Alex Sexton’s” negative tactics, bizarre team selections and the general poor atmosphere at Old Trafford these days. We decided to abandon the match and head back to Oldham. 😐

We tried all the usual pubs on Huddersfield Road and Ripponden Road but none of them were showing the United game, so we ended up at the Bull’s Head who were advertising the Newcastle vs. City game. As luck would have it they were actually showing Chelsea vs. Aston Villa so at least we got to see a decent game of football. 🙄

As the scores came in from the other games we saw Blackburn had taken the lead, United equalised and Blackburn won it a few minutes from the end. I’m actually quite pleased we didn’t have to endure the game in person, knowing exactly what style of football United are playing at the moment. I’ll watch the highlights on TV tonight but I don’t expect to see many chances. 👿