Friendly Spider Day

Yesterday we drove down to London Zoo so that Sara could attend their Friendly Spider Programme.

Sara has been scared of spiders for as long as I’ve known her. Seriously scared. 😯

I recently e-mailed her this picture of a Huntsman spider, which are quite common in Australia, and she ended up running out of the office screaming and wouldn’t come back until someone shut down her computer. 🙄

We read about London Zoo doing a hypnotherapy course to help people overcome their fear of spiders so, with Australia in mind, we thought it was worth a go. It’s quite expensive at £110 but they offer a 50% student discount – good job Sara was working on enrolment this week! 😎

I spent the day at the zoo, which was a bit boring on my own, and then wandered around Regents Park waiting for the session to finish. Sara came out in tears because she couldn’t hold the tarrantula, pictured above, at the end of the day. 🙁

Big deal. I’m not scared of spiders but there’s no way I’d want one of those buggers on my hand! 😯

It worked, Sara can now capture a spider in a glass and remove it from the house. It might not sound much but that’s a huge improvement for her. I’m really pleased, it was well worth the 450 mile trip. 🙂