Start of term

After eight weeks of peace and quiet, hordes of students returned to college today. Only the new first-year full-time students are in this week; second year returners and part-timers start next week.

The logs show that 768 new users have accessed the network today and everything seems to be in good working order. The real test will be next week when another 3000 of them log on. 😯

Having moved away from the main I.T. Support office and their constantly ringing phones, it’s been a nice steady day with plenty of time to monitor servers and systems to see how well everything is working. I’ve been using a new tool, Microsoft Server Performance Advisor, which examines server performance over a short period of time and then generates a comprehensive report showing exactly what’s going on. 😎

Here’s an article about it, for those of you who may be interested in this sort of thing. It’s really good, much better than using PerfMon to graph individual performance counters. 😕

The reports show that one of our HP StorageWorks NAS boxes could benefit from some extra memory, but all the other servers seem to be coping easily with the demand. 😛

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