Work stuff

All of last week’s problems have been ironed out, except the VLE Java VM issue. The supplier is being very quiet about a resolution for that one.

The print server problem turned out to be security-related: some print jobs were being sent by the computer account rather than the user, but the permissions on the printers were set to allow users only. The jobs were repeatedly failing and being resubmitted hundreds of times per second, which was taking up huge amounts of CPU time and causing the instability. Changed the permissions and everything is running like clockwork again. 😀

Our colleagues over at the Business Management School, who share our network, had a major issue with e-mail and other important services not working. They couldn’t even ping our mail servers from their segment of the network and we suspected something serious. It turned out that they had not linked all our group policies to their workstations. The one they omitted, crucially, contained the settings for the Windows XP firewall. Easily solved, once we had tracked it down. 😆

Had a minor disagreement today with someone who claimed to need more PCs in their department. We’re a couple of staff short at present, so I’m not keen on providing any extra equipment – 1200 PCs is a lot for just 5 people to look after. Out came the log analysis script, colourful usage chart produced in Excel, discussion over. We reclaimed two machines. 😯

The vacant posts will be advertised in this Thursday’s Oldham Chronicle, so things should be a little easier once we’re fully staffed.