End of the summer work

It was a close call but we managed to finish all of this summer’s I.T. projects with a half day to spare:

  • Bought 360 new PCs and replaced the oldest ones on the campus; donated old units to charities.
  • Reinstalled all 1250 machines with the latest software. Replaced dozens of old printers.
  • Created a new online testing suite for City & Guilds, Microsoft, CISCO, CIMA and OCR online examinations.
  • Moved 80-odd staff to new offices, creating new classroom space. Fitted 10 new projectors and 20 new interactive whiteboards.
  • Upgrade the Virtual Learning Environment servers (although the supplier has made a pigs ear of the software upgrade). Introduced six other new servers including new H.R. system and new external web server.
  • Installed a new core router and separated the college network into 20 separate VLANs.
  • Replaced troublesome wireless building-to-building bridges with proper fibre optic backbone
  • Carried out preparation work for forthcoming JANET 10Mbps internet upgrade
  • Trialled ”Blackberry” mobile e-mail devices and then implemented them. Improved anti-spam measures.
  • Split the I.T. Support team into two and moved offices. My new office is like a stock room at the moment, with boxes and old PCs piled all around my desk.

The whole team have worked really hard this summer, doing countless hours of overtime to get everything completed before students return on Monday.

As a gesture of thanks I took everyone to the pub yesterday lunchtime. The weather was superb so I suggested going to the Dog & Duck and sitting in the beer garden, like we used to do every Friday before the college introduced a strict no alcohol policy. 🙁

Got the shock of my life to find that it’s been painted pink and white and is now a gay bar! 😳 We went up to the Three Crowns instead.