On my way back to England

Now that all that Diamond Jubilee nonsense is out of the way, I can begin my annual trip back to the UK. <):) I'll be heading off to the airport in about three hours time, catching the 22:55 flight to Munich (via Doha). This will be the first time I've travelled with Qatar Airways, so I'm looking forward to a bit of their advertised 5-star service, especially on the first 14-hour leg of the journey. Hopefully I'll manage to get some sleep along the way. |-) Once I reach Munich tomorrow afternoon, I'll hop on a BMI service direct to Manchester and then pick up a rental car from the airport. I should hit sunny Oldham at around 18:30 tomorrow evening -- just 32 hours after leaving home. (:| I'm looking forward to catching up with the usual suspects, indulging in some good food and drink and taking in Euro 2012 in the right time zone. I'm only in England for 8 nights before I have to return to Munich. If you haven't done so already, drop me an email if you want to organise something. :)]

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