Back to work

I returned to work today after 10 days off sick. Although it was nice to have a bit of a “free” break, especially in last week’s lovely weather, I was really bored. It wouldn’t have been bad if I’d been able to move around the house or go out, but I was basically confined to whichever room I parked myself in when I got up. Once I’d run out of books and movies, the novelty value soon wore off and I found myself answering work e-mail and planning this summer’s workload.

As well as the usual annual replacement programme – 350 PCs this year – there’s a big list of jobs that we’ve been saving for summer and a few more that have been dropped on us as a result of other works taking place on campus. 🙄

With 37 working days until the start of the new academic year and 8 I.T. staff to carry out the work, there’s potentially 296 man/days available. Subtract 58 man/days for their pre-booked holidays during July & August and we’re left with 238 man/days.

All in all there are 34 different I.T. projects to manage this year, which I estimate will take approximately 380 man/days to complete. 😯

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