Doctor Doctor

Today I have mostly been trying to get to see a doctor.

I phoned Leesbrook Surgery and asked for an appointment with Dr Taylor, who I last saw about 15 years ago. They offered me a slot tomorrow morning, which would’ve been great, but then they noticed that I no longer live in Lees. “Ripponden Road? No, no, no. That’s miles away, you can’t come here.” 😡

So they put me in touch with the NHS Records department who confirm that I can’t go to Lees and offer me Doyle Close, Moorside. That’s OK it’s only down the road, I think, before realising they mean Sholver. 😯

Not to worry, Sholver don’t want to know anyway. “We’re full and not taking on new patients”.

Back to the NHS Records people who offer me Springfield House, Huddersfield Road. They’re useless on the phone, telling me that I have to come in to fill in a form and then make an appointment separately which might be on a different day. I explain the situation with my foot and how it’s difficult to get there once never mind twice. They put me on hold for a while, probably so that they can finish watching Richard and Judy, then tell me there’s nothing they can do so take it or leave it. 👿

I email Sara and explain all this and she phones her doctors, the one near the Fire Station on Lees Road, and sorts it all out in about two minutes. I still have to go and register before I can have an appointment, bt at least they’re polite and helpful.

Hopefully I’ll get some stronger painkillers, these Decoflex don’t do anything for me. 😐