B.T. Suck (But you knew that already)

My DSL connection at home has been playing up for the last month or so. It will no longer connect at anything above 500Kbps and is unreliable even at the lowest speed, 272Kbps. Trying to collect e-mail or surf the web is a struggle at the moment, hence the lack of updates this week. 😡

Because I live “in the sticks” I can’t get regular broadband so I’ve had to grow my own, so to speak. I rent a “Baseband Standard Private Circuit” from B.T. (otherwise known as an EPS9 link). One end of the circuit terminates at my house, the other at the college. It’s a bit like having a direct, permanent telephone link but without the dial tone. Special S-DSL modems at each end of the link provide a direct network connection of up to 2.3 Mbps. Due to the distances involved I can’t get anything more than about 600Kbps at best, but it’s been fantastic for the last 3 years. 🙂

So yesterday I reported the fault tp B.T.’s “Analogue Circuits Helpdesk” and, as per the contract terms, they promised a speedy resolution. I was told to expect a visit at 9am this morning, which suited me fine seeing as I’m off work at the moment. At about 2pm this afternoon, having waited patiently, I called them back to enquire about the wherabouts of this engineer. It turns out that he picked up the job yesterday and meant to start work on it today, but forgot that he had booked some annual leave. So nobody has done anything about my dodgy link for 36 hours. 👿

Very apologetic, the Helpdesk people promised to get a new engineer on to it straight away. About 30 minutes later he calls me and says “the routing of this line is complete bollocks, we need to look at it properly in the morning”. 😯

Fortunately this type of circuit comes with a service guarantee. For every day it’s out of action they refund one month’s line rental. I’d rather have a working internet connection though. 😥

Edit: Now fixed. Solid 768K connection. 😎