I’ve been hobbling about at work this week with a sore foot. I didn’t think much of it at first, it happens to me now and again. Yesterday I was in extreme pain though. It took me about 10 minutes to put on my shoes and I was nearly in tears by the time I’d managed it. 😳

I tried to take it easy at work but, with contractors onsite, I had to do a fair bit of walking around the campus. As the day progressed, I was really struggling. When I got home I slumped on the couch and didn’t move for six hours. When I went to bed, even the weight of the quilt hurt my foot. 🙁

Now I’m not one to bother with doctors or hospitals – I’ve only been to the doctor’s once in the last 25 years – but this time I knew there was something seriously wrong. Knowing that an x-ray was likely, I decided to go straight to Oldham Royal Infirmary rather than the local GP.

I got there nice and early, hoping to avoid the pondlife that hospitals attract during the day, and within a couple of hours I’d been seen by a doctor, x-rayed and diagnosed. You really can’t complain about the NHS with a turnaround like that. 😀

Unfortunately it turns out that I have a condition known as “Freiberg’s Infraction” which basically means that my second metatarsal bone has collapsed due to an athritis-like disease. No wonder it’s been giving me grief for a while. 😯

I’ve been prescribed some strong anti-inflammatory painkillers and told to put my feet up for a few days. I’ve got to take things easy for the next 4-6 weeks and then it should be OK again, so no long country walks for me this summer. 😥

They also said that the pain is likely to flare up every now and again, maybe a couple of times per year. If it gets really bad, they say, I can have an operation where they shorten the bone and fuse the joints together, but I can’t say I’m thrilled with that idea. 🙄

So I’m all set for a lazy, lazy weekend and a few days off work next week. 😐