Bowling Do

Yesterday was the last day of term. The Principal gave her usual end-of-year address in the Grange Arts Theatre, thanking staff for their efforts, outlining the college’s priorities for the coming year and skirting around the thorny issue of this year’s pay award. My team played “swear word bingo” throughout the speech, Jon winning with eight “bloodies” during her presentation. 😮

Afterwards there was the traditional staff barbeque outside in the “quad”, which I usually try to avoid due to the terrible food and the fact that lots of people collar me with their requests for extra equipment or software. Unfortunately I had to show my face this year so after a few bites of a barely-cooked dogburger and ten minutes chatting to people without promising anything, I made my excuses and went back to the office. 😐

With most of the college deserted, we closed up a bit early and went straight on to the main event: the annual Crown Green Bowling Challenge which, as usual, was held at the Church Inn, Chadderton Fold. 😀

Before joining the college I always considered bowling to be a game for pensioners, but I was persuaded to go along once and found it quite entertaining. As long as you don’t take it seriously and just think of it as something to do between drinks, it can be a good laugh. Most of the staff take it the same way but there are one or two ultra-competitive types who bring their own bowls and measuring tapes. 🙄

Although none of us were taking part in the actual bowling this year, we sat in the sunshine with a few beers. We had a mess about with the bowls before the competitition got started, but soon grew bored and went back to drinking. As always we had a good time and laughed at one or two members of staff who were a bit the worse for wear by the end of the evening. 😛

I feel a bit rough this morning thanks to all the Guinness and I’m covered in dozens of midge-bites too. No idea who won the bowling either. 😳

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