Sara and Charlotte are on their way

By the time you read this, Sara and Charlotte should be almost half way back to England. :-h

They’re travelling with Virgin Australia this time, mainly to avoid having to transit through London Heathrow. They fly Melbourne->Sydney->Abu Dhabi->Manchester.

It’s been a long day, they’ve already been on the road for 17 hours. According to the Flight Radar website they are currently flying over Malaysia, about midway through the 14 hour flight to Abu Dhabi. Hopefully they’ve both managed to get a few hours sleep. (:|

So I’ve got four weeks here on my own before I fly out to join them briefly in June on my way to Germany for work. I’m missing them already. :((

Tonight I thought I’d put together a short movie clip (50Mb, right-click and choose “Save As…”) to make up for the lack of posts in the past six months. I’ve got a few household DIY jobs and some interstate travel lined up while they’re away, but I should definitely be able to find time to update the blog a bit more frequently for a while. Honest. :-@

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