Return of the Monkey Man

Ian Brown’s new single, Keep What Ya Got, with backing by Noel Gallagher is superb. Here’s a link to the video, which is a lot better than their live performance on Jonathan Ross last week.

There are some fantastic tracks on the new album: Longsight M13, Time Is My Everything and Kiss Ya Lips (No ID) are all worthy of being released individually.

Listening to the album reminded me just how good the Stone Roses were. This programme could be interesting:

The BBC are currently putting together a documentary about the Stone Roses’ record label disputes. It will be part of a new series which is following on from the ‘Blood on the Carpets’ series which looked at boardroom battles and disputes.

Transmission dates for the new series, Blood on the Turntables, have been set. The Stone Roses episode will be aired on BBC 3 on Monday 27th September at 9 pm.

It will be a unique insight into the record label disputes experienced by the Roses and it promises to be something quite different from anything done on the Roses before.