Back from the Gold Coast

We’ve recently returned from a short holiday in Queensland. 🙂

This time we went with Andy, Johanne, Chloe, Laura and Caitlin and stayed at the Magic Mountain holiday apartments, which they’ve used a few times before. The accommodation was really good actually, except for the four flights of stairs up from the basement car park — not fun when carrying a sleeping child. #:-s

Charlotte thoroughly enjoyed playing with the kids in the “Sandy Pool”, despite a bit of a scare on the first night when she ran away from us, jumped in without her SwimFin float and promptly sank to the bottom. 😮

We bought unlimited passes to the Dreamworld and Whitewater World theme parks, allowing us to mooch around at our leisure rather than trying to cram all the rides and attractions into a single visit. Charlotte loved the Merry-Go-Round, the Giant Teacups, the Vintage Cars and Wiggles Big Red Car, but wasn’t so impressed with the Log Flume or the River Rapids ride. We cooled down in the water park, spending most of the time playing with the Water Cannons, on the Nickelodeon Pipeline, in Wiggle Bay or in the huge Wave Pool. :d

When not at the theme parks, we found a couple of hours to enjoy a lunch at the Mount Tamborine Brewery and also pushed the boat out with a drinks at the swanky Palazzo Versace hotel. 😉

Unfortunately the holiday came to an end all too soon and we’re back to the daily grind. :-< Edit: I’ve just added a new gallery with photos from the trip.