Lake Mountain

Charlotte experienced snow for the first time this weekend, when we took a trip to the Lake Mountain Ski Resort.

Snow in Australia? Yep, there are a few mountain ranges around Melbourne where you can find snow during the winter months. Lake Mountain is actually less than 90 minutes drive from where we live, so yesterday me, Sara, Charlotte, John, Jack, Andy, Laura, Caitlin and her friend Melanie wrapped ourselves up in warm clothes and headed out for a day on the slopes.

Having seen the website beforehand I was a bit skeptical sceptical, thinking it would all be false man-made snow, but I was wrong. As we started to climb the twisty road from Marysville the rain turned to sleet, then to proper snow, I realised it was going to be the real thing.

We hired sledges and the kids had a great time. Charlotte had a whale of a time building snowmen and chucking snowballs around, she didn’t seem to mind the cold at all.

It’s bizarre having such contrasting weather only a few kilometers away — today is a beautiful sunny morning, 15 degrees with clear blue skies. We’ll definitely go there again, it’s a great day out.

I’ve put together a short compilation of all the photos and video clips we took. Right-click and choose “Save Target As” on this link to download the movie (31 Mb).