Winter in Melbourne

I’ve been a bit slack updating the blog again recently, so here’s a quick round up:

  • Today is officially the first day of winter, not that you’d notice. We’ve had the odd chilly day — as low as 10ºC — but I haven’t had to wear a coat yet this year.
  • Charlotte is 15 months old today. She’s now walking, running, dancing and climbing — she won’t sit still for five minutes. I’ve put together a new movie clip showing her in action. 😡
  • We took most of these clips on our new Sony HD Handycam. The Australian government kindly gave everyone a $900 “stimulus payment” to help the economy. I’m not sure how buying a Japanese camcorder helped out, but we’re very grateful nonetheless. :d
  • We renovated our apartment over the Easter break. It still needs a new bathroom and kitchen at some point in the future, but we’ve painted, put down new carpets and laid a wooden floor. We’re currently renting it out to one of my colleagues, Peter, who lives in Tasmania for most of the week but spends Monday-Wednesday here in Melbourne.
  • I’ve just returned from another work trip to Germany. We couldn’t really afford to piggyback a holiday onto it this time — not to mention how hard it would be flying such a long way with Charlotte — but we’ll definitely try to visit the UK next year, probably in May/June. :-\
  • We finally caved in and subscribed to Foxtel HD (Sky TV) just in time for me to watch the run-in to the football season. Obviously I enjoyed seeing United pip the scousers to the Premiership, sadly were outclassed by Barcelona in the Champions League. With the season over, we’ll now downgrade our package to the minimum (as long as it includes Cbeebies, of course). @-)