Melbourne Grand Prix

We went to the Melbourne F1 Grand Prix last weekend. b-)

Johanne was good enough to look after Charlotte for the whole day, so Sara and I enjoyed a rare day out together. We caught the train to the city and then jumped on the tram to the Albert Park circuit.

We arrived a couple of hours before the main event and found ourselves a nice spot on “Brocky’s Hill”, one of the elevated viewing mounds about half way around the circuit. We settled down in the sunshine and watched the build-up: V8 Supercars, Porsches, the two-seater F1 car and an airshow including the Qantas A380 flyover and jet fighters.

We had been warned that it was going to be loud, but it was LOUD. St John’s Ambulance service were selling “Survival Kits” including sunscreen, ear-plugs and headache tablets. %-(

It was pretty hard to follow the race itself, but we were sat directly opposite a huge TV screen so could see what was going on elsewhere when the cars weren’t flashing past our position. The crowd was disappointed that Mark Webber, the Aussie driver, didn’t even make it around the first lap. Richard Branson’s newly-formed Brawn team stole the show, finishing first and second. It was a shame that the safety car was out for the last few laps, turning it into a procession rather than a race. 😕

After the race we made our way around to the other side of the track for the grand finale: The Who in concert. We were lucky enough to have been given Gold Class tickets by a stranger on the train who couldn’t make the concert himself but, by the time we had walked around to the other side of the lake, the crowd was too heavy and we simply couldn’t push our way through to the front. It didn’t matter, we enjoyed it nonetheless from where we were. =d>

I’ve uploaded a few pictures in the gallery but, to be honest, we didn’t take many because the cars zoomed by so quickly. There’s a few new ones of the house renovations and Charlotte too.