Charlotte, age 6+ months

As promised, I’ve put together another short movie of Charlotte. 😡

Looking back at some of these clips, taken back in October, it makes me realise how quickly she changes. We really need to make sure we take as much footage as possible, as there’ll never be another chance if we miss these moments.

Just as Charlotte gets her first tooth, I lose my first one. After putting it off for over a month, I finally went to the dentist on Friday to have a troublesome crown looked at. Unfortunately it was beyond repair; it had to be extracted and it didn’t come out easily, so I’m feeling sorry for myself at the moment. :((

I have to wait for the gum to fully heal, which can take up to twelve weeks, before deciding what to do about the gap. It’s a rear molar so isn’t too noticeable, but it feels weird. I’m considering having a dental implant but, at around $4,000 per tooth, it’s a bit pricey. 😮

December already?

Time has really flown by since my last update. Lots has been happening, but I seem to have had no time to post on the blog. Here’s a brief summary:

  • It’s the start of winter summer now and the weather is improving. It’s not as hot as it was this time last year, but temperatures are routinely in the mid 20’s and occasional low 30’s already — perfect weather in my opinion. We seem to have more rain than usual, but water restrictions are still in effect. #:-s
  • There’s not been much progress with our renovation project. We’ve ripped up and disposed of the smelly old carpets in the apartment, but haven’t yet made a start on the refitting of the bathroom and kitchen.
  • We have, however, created a new laundry area next to the kitchen in the main house. Our washing machine and dishwasher have finally been brought up from the garage. Shocked by the $1,200+ quotes for the connection of these appliances, Andy and I decided to try to do all the plumbing work ourselves. It took a full weekend, crawling about the cellar space underneath the house, but we did the job for about $300 all in. Whilst doing this work, we discovered that some floor joists need replacing urgently. ~X(
  • I managed to break my toe again whilst moving furniture at work. It’s the first time this has flared up since 2005. It took a couple of weeks to heal but I’m OK now. :((
  • I’ve built a new home theatre PC, based on a tiny dual-core Intel Atom motherboard and an Antec Fusion HTPC case with remote control. It runs a PVR program called MediaPortal, which is absolutely fantastic. :-b
  • Sara’s twin sister and younger brother — Louise & Geoffrey — are currently visiting us from the UK whilst Sara’s mum recovers from surgery. It would’ve been great if our apartment had been ready for them, but it’s nowhere near at the moment. They’ve been with us for just over five weeks already and are due to go back to England in 12 days 9 hours and 16 minutes. b-( (Only joking).
  • We’ve done a few touristy things together, such as visiting Phillip Island and we’ve had a few days in Sydney too. They’ve done things like the Neighbours Tour and visited the Home & Away film set, but other than that they seem happy enough just chilling out around the house, going swimming, pottering around the neighbourhood and doing their own thing.
  • Charlotte has grown and changed dramatically in the past few weeks. She now crawls rapidly around the house, trying to eat or destroy anything that catches her eye (especially laptop computers and TV remote controls). She’s now really strong and wriggles free when you’re changing or dressing her. We’ve bought her a huge wooden play-pen, which we think is great but she really doesn’t like being in there. She stands up and shouts through the bars, I dont think it will it won’t be long before she’s walking. :-s

I’ve added another65 photos to the Photo Gallery. I’ve also got dozens of short video clips that I need to combine into a movie or two; I’ll try to do that this weekend.