Back in Melbourne

We arrived back in Melbourne early on Tuesday morning, having almost missed our flight to Singapore due to a technical difficulty on the connecting flight to Heathrow. Fortunately they kept the plane waiting for us and closed the doors as soon as we were on board. Once again Charlotte was as good as gold on the flights, managing a few hours sleep and keeping herself amused by smiling and chuckling at everybody who walked by. 😡

We thoroughly enjoyed the holiday and meeting up with everyone after being away for a couple of years. Thanks to Bernie & Geoff, Louise & Ian and Rachel & family for putting us up and making us feel so welcome. =d>

It was nice to go out for meals (especially the six curries we had!) and drinks with everyone, to see how things have changed — or not — over the past couple of years. Despite our best efforts to see everyone during this trip, we simply ran out of time and unfortunately missed a few people. #:-s

As well as a holiday, we had a few business things to take care of during this trip. Firstly we needed to appoint a new letting agent to manage our UK house, since the old company was absolutely useless. So we spent a few days sorting that out, as well as arranging some repairs to the house and carrying out an inspection. I also had some IT Support duties to take care of, ensuring that we can all use Skype and webcams to keep in touch. We also had the pleasure of using Oldham Council’s “One Stop Shop” in the Civic Centre to request a reissue of a refund cheque; that was a depressing experience. :-w

We returned to Melbourne with mixed feelings (and a suitcase full of crisps). Sara is obviously missing her family, but we both agree that Melbourne is a better place for Charlotte to grow up. We’ll try to make the trip back to the UK every couple of years, but we’d also like to see some of you come down here for a visit once our apartment is renovated. :-h

Edit: It’s early Spring here now and the temperatures this week have been in the mid-20s with clear, blue skies. The grass needs mowing this weekend and the swimming pool is full of leaves. I’m just about getting over my jet-lag now but Charlotte’s body clock is still out of whack so she’s up at all hours at night and sleepy during the day.

Edit: Lots of new pictures from our trip have been added to t’gallery.