UK Holiday

As most of you already know, we’re back in the UK for a holiday. Sara and Charlotte have been here for a week already, but I’ve just arrived following a work trip to Germany. 🙂

The flight wasn’t half as bad as I expected. We booked bulkhead seats with a bassinet for Charlotte, who was really well-behaved on both legs of the journey. We flew Qantas Premium Economy via Hong Kong, then went our separate ways upon reaching London Heathrow. :-h

I had the weekend in Munich to myself before the conference started, so I pottered around the city centre doing some sightseeing. I also took the opportunity to visit the site of the 1958 Machester United air crash, which was quite hard to find — I’ve just added it to Google Maps for the benefit of anyone else thinking of paying a visit.

My hotel was only “3 map squares” away from the village of Kirchtrudering, where the airfield used to be, so early on Saturday morning I set off walking and arrived there around two hours later, cold, wet and miserable. The memorial itself is little more than a few scarves on a plain wooden statue at the intersection of Emplstraße and Karotschstraße. I’ve added some pictures to the Photo Gallery.

I then headed back to the city centre by bus and U-Bahn to find somewhere to watch the Liverpool vs United game. I actually ended up in, of all places, an Australian bar called Ned Kelly’s, near Frauenkirche. It was nice to watch the game at a sensible time of day with passionate fans, shame about the result. :((

The conference itself was very interesting, I’ll go back to Melbourne with a lot of work to do. Like last year, our German hosts were very hospitable and laid on superb entertainment in the evenings, including a themed “medieval restaurant” and an interesting visit to the Spaten (Löwenbräu) brewery. b-)

It felt really strange arriving back in Oldham on Friday evening. Nothing much seems to have changed dramatically while we’ve been away — except that our old local pub, the Bull’s Head, is now a stylish Indian restaurant! 😮

It’s been great meeting up with family and friends this weekend. We’re here for two more weeks, so we’ll be doing the rounds with Charlotte, visiting all the old haunts and catching up with everyone. :d