New local — The Acorn

We’ve recently found a new local pub.

We originally thought that The Acorn on Forest, a few doors down from The Oak Tree, was just a restaurant — we had a meal there last year. But it turns out they also have comfy leather settees, regular live entertainment and a large, sunny outdoor deck which is perfect on a lazy Sunday lunchtime. They do a cracking breakfast too — the full monty, including black pudding and HP sauce if you like. :@)

One Friday evening after work we found ourselves chatting to some of the regulars who come from Chester, Widnes and St Helens — there seems to be quite a few ex-pat Poms in The Basin.

While I’m blogging, here’s another video clip (18Mb) that we’ve put together this week. Charlotte is now 7 weeks old and weighs a whopping 8lbs 3oz! There are another 20 pictures in the photo gallery too. o:-)

Edit: Speaking of local pubs, this article made me smile when I read it. Will we even recognise Oldham when we come back for a visit?

Say Cheese!

This weekend we’ve been trying to take a photograph of Charlotte, so that we can get her an Australian passport. We need this a.s.a.p. in order to book flights for a trip back to the UK later this year. :d

The rules state that a baby born in Australia to parents who are both Permanent Residents is automatically an Australian Citizen by birth, so she needs an Australian passport. We can also get a British passport for her in due course.

We downloaded the guidelines and set about trying to take a photo that meets the requirements:

  • Must be taken against a neutral coloured background
  • Must be looking straight ahead
  • Eyes must be open and no red-eye
  • Mouth must be closed
  • Photo must be clear of other distracting objects (arms, camera flash, etc)
  • Some rules about dimensions

How hard can that be? :-\

Well, it took us around 200 pictures over three days to get something suitable! 😮

Here are a few of the out-takes:

We got there in the end, we think. Hopefully it will be accepted and we’ll see you in sunny Oldham in late September! >:d< Edit: She seems to have slightly red hair in some of these pictures, but this is an optical illusion. She is not ginger, nosiree! And even if she was, it’s just a phase she’s going through. :(|)