We planned to celebrate New Years Eve with a party at our house. Unfortunately it didn’t work out like that. 🙁

I was in the process of cleaning the barbecue, using boiling water to clean the drip-trays, when the ovengloves that I was wearing suddenly decided to stop being heat-proof. I burnt my fingertips on the cast iron tray, causing me to spill some of the boiling water on my toes. Flapping about in pain, I then knocked the rest of the boiling water over my hands and feet. :((

We immediately shoved my hands in the sink filled with ice cold water, but it was obvious that I had done some real damage and would need to go to hospital. By the time we got there I was in agony. They had to give me three doses of morphine before dressing the wounds. Great way to spend New Years Eve, eh? :-s

I’ve been back to the hospital twice this week and have another appointment with “Plastics” next Friday. Most of the blisters have now burst, so it looks a mess but I’m told it’s all superficial damage and there should be no long term problems or scarring. #:-s

But for the next few weeks I have to keep the bandages on and stay out of the sun. It’s already driving me nuts. ~X(

Edit: Here are a few pictures of my wounds: one, two, three, four, five.