Ich gehe nach München

On Saturday I will be flying back to Europe for a short business trip, visiting the company’s head office in Munich for a 4-day technical seminar. :-b

Although I am travelling via the UK, there’s no time for a stop-over — sadly I’ve only got two hours at Heathrow to change planes on route to Germany. But that should be enough to fill a bag with “essentials” that Sara is missing. :@)

I arrive in Munich on Sunday morning so, depending how jet-lagged I am, on the way to the hotel I might take a detour to Kirchtrudering, the site of the air crash.

I’ve been playing a teach-yourself-German CD in the car on my way to work for the last couple of weeks, so hopefully I’ll get by with the lingo. In fact, I tested a phrase out on one of the German guys at work the other day and he looked shocked that I might be able to speak the language… I think he wondered what I might’ve overheard when I’ve walked in on their conversations previously. [-x

It’s a heck of a long way to travel for just four days though, I’ll be knackered next week. (:|

Sara isn’t impressed about being on her own for a few days, especially with Andy & Johanne on holiday in Queensland next week. So this week we’ve doused the house with Baygon and she has her emergency contact numbers in case of creepy crawlies. ~:>

Pictures from the 20 week scan

Last week we had the 20 week ultrasound appointment. A few more pictures are now available in t’gallery. :d

We also found out that Boo Boo is a girl. 😡

She has two of everything you’re supposed to have two of, and five of everything that come in fives. 🙂

We’re absolutely over the moon. <:-p There's also a movie clip of the whole ultrasound session here — it’s about 100Mb so might take a while to download.

  • The first 3+ minutes of the clip focus on her heart, showing the various chambers and wotnot. Her heartbeat is a healthy 153 bpm. The coloured bit apparently shows the blood rushing into the separate halves of the heart, showing there’s no holes.
  • At 3:30 you see a top view of Boo Boo, sitting up with her legs outstretched. We counted her toes at 4:30. At around 6:00 you can see her whole skeleton. Brain measurements were taken at around 7:30.
  • Eight minutes in and you can clearly see her face; they point out her nose, lips and chin. Then at 9:00 they show her side-on, holding her hand up to her face. We try to count the fingers but she’s hiding them. At around 10:40 we give her a bit of a jiggle to make her move, but she’s having none of it.
  • At around 12:45 they try to produce the “3D” images which, under ideal circumstances, can be amazing. But Boo Boo won’t move her arm, so the pictures aren’t great. We spend a few minutes trying to coax her into a different position and try again a few times, but it’s just not happening today.
  • They show the umbilical cord at around 16:00 and take a few more measurements. She’s sucking her thumb at 17:20, still no chance of a 3D picture despite numerous attempts until 19:30. I think we spent the last couple of minutes looking for her ears, can’t see them though — hopefully they’re there somewhere!

We’re half way there!